The He Album (2019 Release)


Maurice’s love for the ministry and revelations over the years brought him full circle  where it became important to release his album: “HE.” Maurice had written and produced 

over eleven songs on the “HE” album over twenty years prior. Many of the songs on the  album received wide acclaim with people revealing they could not make it through the day, 

and times of personal crisis, without hearing songs on the album like: “It’s Alright … “God  will make a way out of no way!” The “HE” song itself is a reminder to people that God is 

real, and “HE” is everywhere. Maurice recalled the hours, days and weeks spent in the studio with vocalists and musicians to polish each and every song on the “HE” Album. He 

said that the encouragement and inspiration the album brings is timeless. With the overwhelming feedback received, he realized that the “HE” Album is as relevant as much 

today as it was twenty years ago.